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About Red Light Glow Spa

Transparency is the truism of our practice. Learn about who we are and what we represent.



Let's Talk  Background

Red Light Glow Spa is a new health and beauty spa that has opened in the heart of downtown Danville.  Opening officially in June of 2022, Red Light Glow Spa has ever since been making women and men glow with healing and rejuvenating methods of red light therapy.  We have introduced our science into the Bay Area community in hopes of bringing our modern cosmetic innovation to people who prefer natural and non-surgical procedures to beautify

the face and body against aging , weight gain, and muscle soreness.


Treat the Mind, Body, and Soul

We dignify ourselves as being able to heal every measure of the person. We pride our unique service on a relaxing treatment to best recenter the mind, mend the body, and heal the soul. We assure that every client that enters; leaves feeling rejuvenated and confident with their reoccurring results. 


Meet Monica


I want to make the effort and introduce myself, I am Monica Pinheiro, the founder of Red Light Glow Spa, in Danville CA. It has been my mission to bring the benefits of red light therapy to all people that are in need of a natural healing remedy to the countless health issues and artificial cosmetic procedures that many of us go through every day. I began this spa because I was uncomfortable with the modern cosmetic standards of today's world, I wanted to practice anti-aging and beautifying restoratives without bodily invasive products and procedures, then I found RLT.

With this extraordinary science, I knew I had my hands on something that can really change lives.  With my personal experiences with back problems and arthritis, and further health issues running in my family, RLT has been a blessing and that blessing needs to reach the many people that share symptoms of aching,  joint pain, wrinkles, cellulite, etc.

I fell in love with downtown Danville and the tight-knit community that resides here. I'm grateful to plant my roots here, but I plan on growing and sharing RLT all over the Bay Area to reach the people that need it most.

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