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Become a
              Glow Member

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What is a Glow Member

Recieve Beyond Value with Our Membership

By becoming a Glow Member, you are joining our club membership program for committed clients of Red Light Glow Spa that wish to receive pinnacle value from our services. Build a relationship with us, rejuvenate with our services, and collect incentives that come with becoming a Glow member.

Incentives to becoming a Glow Member are receiving discounts on both Red Light Glow Sessions and Glow Spray Tans, included monthly gifts, savings on partnering vendors, and qualification for spontaneous promotions. 

Clients that truly love our services and the benefits that they bring them often become a Glow Memer to indulge further in the Red Light Glow experience.

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Glow  Membership

Join the Glow Membership Program to be a part of our close community of members that receive an array of benefits. Perfect for those that don't want to pay for each individual session, but are searching for more benefits than purchasing a package. 



- $100 Discounted Sessions

- Discounted Glow Spray Tans

- Discounts with Partnering Vendors (

- Exclusive Monthy Glow Gifts 

- Exclusive Promotions and Savings 


Ask Our  Glow Members

How You Can Become a Glow Member 

Are you ready to take the big step and become a Glow Member? We are delighted to be that place in your life that you feel like you can depend on for a true self-care time with our rejuvenating and beautifying services. We are committed in provide for your body and soul at simple expenditure, so becoming a Glow Member is easy! Evaluate the following and join below.


Prices are spontaneously concluded, join now to lock in a lifetime rate


The Glow Lifestyle

Glow Membership means you are a reoccurring visitor to the Red Light Glow Spa and thoroughly depend on the benefits of Red Light Therapy and/or spray tanning. You can either choose dates and times or commit to a weekly schedule for services. As a Glow Member, we reserve you with utter exclusivity and tend to you accordingly. Accessing this membership will give you further liberties to our services and those that we partner with, along with exclusive access to items and promotions only Glow Members receive.  


To be a Glow Member, you must ensure a three-month membership duration minimum with at least two weekly sessions. After your third month of membership, you will lock your monthly rate for a lifetime even if those conditions are less than two visits a week. After the grace period of 3 months, you are free to cancel your membership anytime, thereby withdrawing your access to membership benefits.

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