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Learn Red Light Therapy

Explore more about the science behind our service and how it can benefit you.

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Explore the Benefits

How the science of our red light can help you.

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Wrinkle Reduction

Our red light therapy can reduce wrinkles through the effects on fibroblasts- the cells that help produce collagen. The increased production of collagen fills the skin and reduces lines.
RTP can also help with:
- Fine lines
- Crow's feet
- Aging spots
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Body Toning

Our non-invasive lights can safely penetrate the skin to reach the outer layer fat, once reached, the cell walls will liquidate, there making the stored energy usable and the fat reduced. This sculps the body into a pristine shape when in healthy condition. 
Note: This is outer-layer fat, traditional fat is solved with  a diet and exercise 

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Wound Healing

The combination of boosted collagen production and blood circulation quickens the process of wound healing as skin cells rapidly repair skin tissue. Wounds such as:
- Burns
- Surgery Incisions
- Scars
- Cut wounds
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Aided Joint Pain

Red light therapy has been proven to reduce joint pain and improve range of motion by reducing inflammation and stimulating healing within the joint. This includes:
- Arthritis
- Knee Pain
- Back Pain

Skin Repair

Energized cells and collagen production can repair skin from extraneous and bodily damage. This means saying good bye to:
- Acne
- Sun damage
- Stretch marks
- Scars

Dive into More Sources

Read more on the revolutionizing science and its benefits

red_light_videoimg-min.png is a professional doctoral source that helps explains and demonstrate the science and effects of RLT. Their article best describes and explains the technology and its effects on the body.  This overview is recommended to be read before booking.

Cleveland Clinic

Everyday Health

Learn the history, methods, and risks of red light therapy. Everyday Health's article on RLT is great for understanding what red light therapy truly is and how it can help you. They also tell you what to expect for an RLT session.

Fun Fact 

A bulk of RLT research and technology was from NASA in order to heal astronauts during long-term space missions.

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